Let's Race


$33.50 from this product goes to a cause you choose:

Protecting our ocean

Help to protect the world's most vulnerable animals, places and people

Protecting endangered rainforests together with Indigenous communities

Morgan is a photographer and videographer based out of Charleston, SC. 
Printing + Framing

Upholding sustainability is at the core of our brand's mission, which is why Scandi Collective has selected European Beech for our natural frames and Poplar for our black frames.

Natural Frames: The standing timber in Europe's forests are some of the most sustainable and tightly managed forests in the world, and the fast-growing, hardy nature of Beech allows it to flourish in diverse environments. Thanks to sustainable harvesting practices, these forests are thriving and expanding.  

Furthermore, the wood's consistent grain pattern and warm, light tones have made it an exceptional choice for Scandinavian-themed furniture and millwork for decades. Our frames are left "raw", devoid of any oil or acrylic coatings, precisely milled and lightly sanded to preserve the natural integrity of this beautiful material.

Black Frames: Harvested in the Appalachian region, Poplar stands out as a premier US hardwood due to it's fast growth cycle which is why it is an excellent source to harvest/replant with minimal environmental impact. We specifically opted for Poplar for our black frames due to its outstanding painting properties. Our paints are 100% water-based, and have a lovely low-sheen luster.

Check out our printing practices here: https://www.scandi-collective.com/pages/sustainability-promise

Shipping + Returns

Free and fast US delivery. Each one of our fine art prints takes approximately 5-7 business days to print, frame and ship. Once shipped, you’ll receive a FedEx tracking number from us so you can keep an eye on things. Most orders take 3-5 days in transit.

*During the 2023 Holiday Season we reserve the right to take 7-14 business days to print, frame and ship.

Each piece is custom printed and framed just for you so we are unable to accept returns.

Morgan is a photographer and videographer based out of Charleston, SC.