Our Story

We believe that the love we share for our planet is
no different than the love that we share for each other.

The story of our origins

Wife and husband duo Jemina and Luke met in North Carolina, where they not only fell in love with each other, but also the beauty of the grand landscape, the hundreds of waterfalls, and the never ending possibility of adventure that portrayed itself in the North Carolinian mountains.

Having grown up on two completely different continents, Europe (Jemina) and North America (Luke), they soon realized that even though the cultures in which they were from were vastly different, their fundamental love for the outdoors and the environment had shaped their childhoods and personalities in such a similar way that they felt as if they had known each other for their entire lives.

From that love for eachother and the outdoors came Scandi Collective. A place where the beauty of the world could be celebrated and praised through creating art without compromising the planet and its resources. A place where simple Scandinavian design meets art from photographers all over this beautiful planet we call our home. And a place for creative minds to come together and share their art with the world and like minded people connecting over the love for a truly amazing planet.

Founder & CEO

Jemina Smith

A lover of all things outdoors and active, Jemina earned multiple degrees in Exercise Science after moving from Sweden to the US to pursue a college athletics career playing tennis. Growing up she wanted to become a wildlife photographer traveling the world, and so from an early age she was exploring photography as a possible future occupation, however, as the years passed the athletic commitments became a bigger priority and photography was set aside as she spent a few years pursuing her degrees, and her tennis career. It wasn’t until she met Luke that she decided it was time to pursue her professional photography journey.


Luke Smith

Always the first one to ask about snacks on a day trip out in the woods or at the beach, Luke loved growing up on the coast in a small town in Connecticut. After a childhood of playing businessman with his siblings, Luke started a small business in his parents garage at the age of sixteen selling wooden frames and custom wooden moulding before selling his business and moving to North Carolina in 2018. Fastforward a few years and one pandemic, he met the love of his life and they decided to start a new business together.

Responsibly Made

Our Sustainability Promise

Here at Scandi Collective we stand behind the sustainability of our products.

We are committed to helping our planet, and we always strive to use sustainable materials, natural & raw materials, and recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Beautiful artwork shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment.